eLearning Content Development

We’ll create (or transform existing materials into) superb digital content which is coherent, structured, consistent and accessible

  • Multimedia content: We can create content in written, visual and audio formats, and bring to the process full video, multimedia and design capabilities.
  • Full access: During development you’ll have total transparency, with full access to materials via our course builder environment
  • Bespoke: All content is tailored to your brand and needs – they’ll look and feel like your materials, and will reflect your ethos & values
  • Ownership: All intellectual property rights to the content are transferred to you on completion. You’ll fully own all developed materials, instead of just licensing them

Learning Management System

Using our own LMS software, we can design and deliver bespoke learning management platforms, customised to your specifications.

  • Full LMS functionality, benchmarked against the highest industry standards
  • A secure, stable and highly adaptable platform
  • Includes enrolment and admission portals, a student record system, reporting and analytics functionality
  • Integrate with third-party systems, and will operate under your brand name
  • LMS will be accessible on any desktop or mobile device
  • Accessible, intuitive and tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your learners

We can also build public-facing websites to complement your LMS build – giving you a web presence you can use to market your programme to potential learners.


We can advise and assist you with any aspect of the eLearning process, including:

  • Programme development
  • Content creation
  • LMS design, customisation, and systems integration
  • Reviewing capacity and capability
  • Risk analyses, market research, promotion and marketing activity
  • Web design
  • Recruitment and admissions

Managed Service

We can provide a complete managed service for online learning, taking existing or new courses from design through to delivery – for single or multiple courses.

This service includes marketing using both digital and direct channels, recruitment and admissions, course design and development, LMS design and build, tuition, assessment and student support.

As part of this service, we assume your regulations, quality assurance standards and brand guidelines, acting as custodians for those on your behalf.

We operate our managed services on a ‘white label’ basis, marketing and promoting under your brand, and creating dedicated teams to represent you from the point of first enquiry to successful completion.

Dedicated, Experienced Elearning Experts